setting up babel for react

babel change react to javascript install babel add plug ins to compile to javascript here we need react and env to convert jsx to javascript yarn global add babel-cli@6.24.1 npm install -g babel-cli babel –help sudo npm install -g babel-cli@6.24.1… Continue Reading →

hello react

react cdn on index.html

on app.js

setting web server for react

install node and yarn create folder create folder public create file index.html and add some stuff install live-server yarn global add live-server correction npm -g install live-server live-server public

starting mongodb

mongodb reference the following command are good to know for starting mongodb. it is well explained in the abuove link.

pivot tables

coulumns = field list values coulumns rows filters slicer in pivot table filed list -> go to filed and add slicer you can add multiple slicers connect slicer to multiple pivot tables: go slicer ->options ->Report connecton sorting change date… Continue Reading →

virtualenv python

Running Flask to listen on machine IP

To be able to access flask from network:

alternative method for new version of flask as mentioned in the offical site

working with git

——draft———- setup the user name and email to set it up

to show the current setting of git


or you can edit the file ~/.gitignore

create the repo online from the site clone the the… Continue Reading →

cloning existing git repo

nice youtube channel about flask youtube channel

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