wtf flask

create a class for the form. the class can be in a seperate file.
we will name it

inside the main app:
import the from
create instance of the form
render a template and passing the from to it

in the template file, you can access the from like this:


to start the server

create the database

add the database info to the file

create a module = folder as in the course it is autor
add it to the


create a file

create a file :


creating virtual environment for python and activate

create a file name requirments.txt

create file

create a folder for a view as an example blog folde and inside the folder create a file named with this content

inside the __init__py add the following

Introduction To Docker

buy physical server
hypervisor-based virtualization
you spend more resources

why docker or containers?
isolate run time environments.
different version of java could be installed

containers are lightweight

adding user to docker group so no need for docker

docker images are stored on docker hub