starting mongodb

mongodb reference the following command are good to know for starting mongodb. it is well explained in the abuove link.

pivot tables

coulumns = field list values coulumns rows filters slicer in pivot table filed list -> go to filed and add slicer you can add multiple slicers connect slicer to multiple pivot tables: go slicer ->options ->Report connecton sorting change date… Continue Reading →

virtualenv python

Running Flask to listen on machine IP

To be able to access flask from network:

alternative method for new version of flask as mentioned in the offical site

working with git

——draft———- setup the user name and email to set it up

to show the current setting of git


or you can edit the file ~/.gitignore

create the repo online from the site clone the the… Continue Reading →

cloning existing git repo

nice youtube channel about flask youtube channel

what is my linux OS distrbtion?


install gradle sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cwchien/gradle sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gradle

css page layout

static : relative : relatice to itself fixed: relatice to the browser window absoute:relative to its parent display: inline inline-block ?? box model: margin border padding box-sizing : border-box -moz-box-sizing float property overflow:auto ; if an element goes out of… Continue Reading →

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