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what is my linux OS distrbtion?


install gradle sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cwchien/gradle sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gradle

css page layout

static : relative : relatice to itself fixed: relatice to the browser window absoute:relative to its parent display: inline inline-block ?? box model: margin border padding box-sizing : border-box -moz-box-sizing float property overflow:auto ; if an element goes out of… Continue Reading →


selector { property:value ; } select element, class, id element h2,h3 { font-family:somefont ; color:red; } class i a m a div .classname { } div.classname {} applies only to div with class = “calssname” id #idname { } applying… Continue Reading →

what does the_post() do?

mikrotik with user manager

reference: set dhcp client on ethernet 1 and ping inside mikrotik terminal set the ip for the lan set the wirelss ap bridge and name the ssid run the hotspot setup on lan, masquerade and … on the hot spot… Continue Reading →

mikrotik hotspot configuratin

reference: the modem is with IP the bridge will be : the pool will be from .10.2 to .10.100 change the identity change time zone<h4< rename ethernet 1 and 2 ethernet 1 -> wan ethernet 2 -> lan activate… Continue Reading →

JetPack unable to conncet to

I am looking for solutions to this problem. Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [HTTP 500]. Ask your web host if they allow… Continue Reading →

wtf flask

create a class for the form. the class can be in a seperate file. we will name it

inside the main app: import the from create instance of the form render a template and passing the from to… Continue Reading →


to start the server

create the database

add the database info to the file

create a module = folder as in the course it is autor add it to the

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